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Amplify Your Impact

The ONE Thing is about making decisions. It’s about drawing a line in the sand and saying, “This is what I’m going to do,” and then taking action, and more action, and more action building momentum with each decision and execution of that decision.


Are You Telling a Daytimer Story in an Evernote World?



What a great pleasure it was to be a guest co-host on Kathi Browne’s “What’s New in Healthcare Social Media.”

What’s New in Healthcare Social Media Event Page 

Articles Reviewed

How to Build and Use a Social Media Team in 2014

Social Media Strategies that Drive Practice Growth

Simple Tips to Improve Health Communication

Study: Young People Love to Tweet From the Toilet


GPlus Race to the Top – Rat Race or Nice Guy

GPlus Race to the Top

This week Jess and I battled it out.
Jess: There is a race to the top of Google Plus. and
Me:   Google Plus is a race to the top.

These are surprisingly different and revealing statements.

This was perhaps our best HOA yet, including a “The Scott Treatment”an interview with Trina Paulus , author of “Hope for the Flowers,” and Jess’s Plus Two Take Away.


Event page:


Different Production Styles of Video

It’s not as if video just appeared this week from out of no where, or that real people haven’t been producing video programs for a long long time.

First, a history:

There are those of us who pre-date vhs and beta formats. “Way back when,” there were 1-in reel to reel B&W machines could record up to 30-minutes.

ZOOM forward 20 years:
To citizen produced Public/Community Access TV. In this case, it was usually an NPO funded by cable company franchise ...


Create Opportunity with Personas

Business requires customers. Those customers choose when and why they purchase a product. Through the use of personas, you can make actionable business decisions. This week’s guest, Dr. Russell Faust of Anicca Media, is an expert on understanding market segments. Dr. Faust has stated that “customer personas are under-utilized, even by the gurus” which makes Scott smile and Jess do a happy dance.

“Distraction” is not a four letter word

Sometimes you think you know where the conversation will go and it takes you into an entirely different direction. I always assumed that distractions were bad because they keep you from accomplishing your goals, right? But maybe — just maybe — skillful distraction is a life’s skill worth pursuing.

Who knew ...


Authenticity and Searchability

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